White Tiles

Cheap White Tiles

For unrivalled elegance and style our range of white tiles are perfect for both domestic and commercial settings. Kitchens, bathrooms, entrance halls, car showrooms, shops or restaurants, there is nowhere in which white tiles would look out of place. Our range includes white porcelain, white quartz, granite, limestone and white marble tiles. Sizes range from large format floor tiles to white mosaic tiles, so you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for in our white tiles range.

Stylish Combinations with White Tiles

The colours which are paired with white tiles as part of kitchen and bathroom designs can help to provide a stylish combination. A timeless match is that of black and white. Other bold colours, including red and blue also work effectively when combined with white tiles. Combining bold shades with white tiles is particularly well suited to contemporary designs. The versatility of this colour enables you to use white tiles as part of a wide range of decors. For an elegant style white tiles can be combined with neutral shades like cream, beige and grey. The use of light colours in combination can help to emphasise the light and space in any room.

Varieties of White Tiles

Our range of engineered white tiles comprise of a selection of plain and decorative varieties. Plain white tiles include matt and polished porcelain. These tiles have a pure white appearance and are extremely popular for walls and floors in both residential and commercial properties. Decorative engineered tiles can are available in the shape of white quartz. These tiles have mirror flecks, providing a sparkly appearance. Natural stone white tiles often include a multitude of different colours and features. Our natural stone selection includes white granite and white marble tiles. White can appear differently depending on the finish which has been applied to the surface of the tile. With a matt finish, white tiles can have a muted elegance. A high polish, in contrast, can provide a glossy appearance.