Travertine Wall Tiles

Cheap Travertine Wall Tiles

Offering a wide selection of premium travertine wall tiles, find the perfect covering for a bathroom or kitchen design at Tilesoutlet. We supply travertine wall tiles in a variety of different colours. This natural stone is notable for its soft, neutral shades including cream, grey and brown colours. Within this extensive collection of travertine wall tiles you will discover mosaic varieties in addition to standard formats. Travertine wall tiles create an effective neutral background which complements many modern applications. The natural features and elegant colours associated with travertine wall tiles really helps to accentuate a subtle beauty.

Travertine Bathroom Wall Tiles

Within this section you will find a premium variety of travertine bathroom wall tiles. The great thing about traditional travertine colours is they are neutral and can therefore be incorporated within a vast array of designs. This means you can choose travertine wall tiles for many different layouts including open plan designs and conservatory interiors. The soft colours of cream and ivory also help to emphasise the light and space in any room. The unique features of travertine wall tiles are a result of the formation process. Travertine often has slight indentations which add to its overall rustic beauty. The subtle colours which are apparent within this range make travertine highly compatible with modern bathroom interiors.

Travertine Kitchen Wall Tiles

As a result of its elegance travertine kitchen wall tiles provide a stunning backdrop in any home. You can select any of the travertine kitchen wall tiles available to produce the perfect wall design for your chosen project. The slight variations in shade are what provide this natural stone with its remarkable character. As a backdrop to more pronounced features in shops and hotels, travertine wall tiles are undoubtedly an excellent choice. They create the type of soothing and relaxed atmosphere which are much needed in busy public spaces. Furthermore, travertine wall tiles also have the durability.