Quartz Wall Tiles

Sparkly Quartz Walls

If you are looking for a wall covering which can create a genuine standout appearance then you have arrived at the right section. Quartz wall tiles have sparkly flecks, creating a look which can transform the style of any bathroom or kitchen design. As part of this wide collection of premium quartz wall tiles you will discover a vast array of different colours. You can also select from our collection of quartz wall mosaics for a decorative feature or border in a shower area or kitchen splash back. Whatever project you require quartz wall tiles for, Tilesoutlet are here to help you every step of the way.

Sparkly Wall Tiles

You can make a real difference to home interiors with quartz wall tiles from both a style and practical viewpoint. The sparkly look is not the only unique feature of the quartz wall tiles we supply. They also have an extremely low moisture absorption rate which a high level of resilience against stains and scratches. Durable quartz wall tiles from our collection are therefore suitable for a vast array of projects. The colours you have to select from range from popular varieties like white, cream and black quartz wall tiles to the less familiar shades of pink and green. If you would like to match certain colours as part of the same wall design, get in touch with us and we'll provide you with all the advice you require.

Glitter Wall Tiles

Regardless of the design you wish to create you are sure to find the ideal quartz wall tiles. Sparkly wall tiles certainly provide a unique look as part of a splash back decor. In bathroom shower areas and also above worktops in kitchens, quartz wall tiles in the colour of your choice can have a distinctive effect. Quartz wall tiles can also be used to clad the front of countertops in hotel foyers and nightclubs.