Marble Wall Tiles

Cheap Marble Wall Tiles

The excellent thing about the marble wall tiles within this extensive collection is they can be used in so many different ways. From standard wall designs in bathrooms and kitchens to a variety of other uses, including fireplace surrounds and front countertop surfaces, marble is a truly versatile decorative material. It is noticeable through its trademark veined pattern which helps to provide any decor with a distinctive style. Our marble range comprises of many different varieties from countries throughout the world. It also includes mosaic tiles which are a popular option for splash backs and border designs. At Tilesoutlet we source premium quality marble wall tiles direct from the quarry and pass these massive savings on to our customers.

Marble Bathroom Wall Tiles

Whether you're on the lookout for a subtle background colour or maybe a standout focal point you are guaranteed to discover exactly what you are looking for within our vast array of marble bathroom wall tiles. From the elegant neutrality of cream and ivory marble wall tiles to timeless dark brown varieties, it is possible to create your perfect design. The finish applied to the specific tile can have a large bearing on its overall appearance, from glossy polished varieties to light absorbent matt surfaces you have plenty of choice at Tilesoutlet. Natural stone has its own unique character and marble is no different. Certain types of marble even have a fossil formation which derives from the formation process.

Marble Kitchen Wall Tiles

Marble kitchen wall tiles are not only acquired for home decors but also for a wide range of commercial designs. They certainly produce a timeless look as part of bar and restaurant interiors. The veined style is what really helps to transform the look of wall designs. Marble kitchen wall tiles displayed throughout interiors also provide a decorative covering as part of open plan designs in hotels. If you're welcomed by this salubrious material as you first enter a building it undoubtedly gives a good impression which is why marble wall tiles are also used for shopping centre entrances.