Glass Wall Tiles

High Quality Glass Wall Tiles

If you wish to introduce a new dimension to your interior design, glass wall tiles are highly recommended. We have a variety of glass wall tiles, available in a variety of different colours and styles. Glass has been sculpted and used as a decorative feature within many designs throughout the years. Its translucency certainly produces a unique style. You can find the perfect border or splash back design with any of the glass wall tiles within this vast collection. They also complement many of the other tiles within our vast collection. You can get in touch for more advice on which combinations work best and even order samples to see for yourself.

Decorative Glass Wall Tiles

Within our wide collection of glass wall tiles you’ll discover products which feature various colours and styles. This makes it easy for you to discover the glass wall tiles which best suit your chosen design. Glass wall mosaics are fixed upon a flexible mesh sheet and can therefore be cut and attached to an underlying substrate with ease. You can provide a stylish shower area surround with decorative glass wall tiles. The reflective style of glass wall tiles helps to emphasise the amount of space in any room. This makes them a good option for small, confined areas like en suite bathrooms. The translucency of glass can really brighten the look of home interiors. Glass mosaics are also acquired for commercial projects, providing a decorative feature in shops and restaurants.

Low Maintenance Glass Wall Tiles

Glass wall tiles are a practical and low maintenance option for interior designs. The smooth surface can be cleaned with ease. Furthermore, glass wall tiles have a low moisture absorption rate and are therefore highly recommended for modern bathroom and kitchen interiors. You can really transform interior decors with any of the tiles within this section, making them both stylish and practical. Glass mosaics can be applied to a variety of different areas, particularly spaces in which standard format tiles are not practical, this includes curved surfaces, including bathtub surrounds.