Slate Tiles

High Quality Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are a hard-wearing natural stone which has been used for flooring and other applications for many years. Slate tiles are renowned for a rustic character and unique beauty. A riven texture is notable only in slate tiles. Slate tiles are used predominately as a flooring material. At Tiles Outlet we supply slate tiles in a variety of different colours. Slate is acquired for both residential and commercial projects. In most cases, it can be used as either an exterior or interior flooring option.

Slate Floor Tiles

You can choose from our selection of high quality slate tiles including premium slate flooring. Slate is a natural stone extracted from the ground and cut to size to create the finished tile product which can be used in your kitchen or bathroom. Our Brazilian black slate tiles are very popular and are a perfect flooring option. The multi-slate floor tiles feature grey, green and red slate tiles and are ideal for a farmhouse kitchen as much as they are suitable for more modern home interiors. Slate provides a hard wearing material on floors. Its durability has made it an excellent choice for exterior patios, driveways and even steps and staircases. Slate tiles are also acquired for the surrounding areas of shopping centres and hotels.

Slate Tiling Styles

To accentuate its rugged quality, slate is often tiled in a specific way. What is known as the running bond or more commonly referred to as a 'brick effect' style is a popular way of tiling with slate. The 'brick effect' is particularly well suited to traditional designs like farmhouse style kitchens. This can be complemented by other natural materials like wood and stone. For a more contemporary setting, slate tiles are formatted in a grid pattern which can create a stylish, streamlined decor. A light coloured grout can be contrasted with a darker slate shade as part of modern designs