Red Tiles

Massive Red Tile Savings

Red is a standout colour and can be used in a variety of different ways. Tiles Outlet has a wide selection of red tiles to choose from. Make a real statement with our ruby red tiles. Available in both large format and mosaic tiles, there have a real wow factor. Also available are our more subtle red granite floor tiles and multi-slate tiles, which look like slate bricks. Perfect for both domestic and commercial settings, our selection features red porcelain tiles and red quarry tiles, ideal for both walls and floors.

Red Tiles for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Use red to stunning effect as part of your kitchen or bathroom decor with wall and floor tiles from Tiles Outlet. Our range of red tiles will give you plenty of scope when it comes to designing your interior decor. For a standout quality, highly polished bright red tiles can have a big impact on interior designs. Red can be used to good effect either as a general wall and floor tile or border application. For a more rustic style, red natural stone tiles are a good choice in the creation of refined interior designs. In the case of engineered tiles, the red tends to be a primary colour whereas in natural stone variations it can be anything from pink to maroon and burgundy.

Red Tiles for a Range of Projects

Red tiles are used in a vast range of different projects. A red colour will transform the appearance of many areas. Red is a standout colour and is regularly used in the worlds of art and fashion. In large commercial projects many squared metres of red tiles are acquired for vast areas of flooring. These are often laid by commercial tiling contractors. Red tiles are also popular among DIY enthusiasts for much smaller projects. It is possible to obtain a stylish look at a low cost.