Purple Tiles

Massive Savings on Purple Tiles

Purple tiles are perfect for any room, be it a bathroom or kitchen. They can be mixed and matched with our green tiles, or the galaxy granite tiles with different coloured sparkles giving a subtle chequerboard effect. Buy purple tiles at discount prices from Tilesoutlet.

Distinctive Appearance of Purple Tiles

Whether purple is the predominant colour of a tile or maybe just features sparingly then it is sure to create a distinctive appearance in any room. In the case of Cosmos tiles, the reflective purple flecks provide a standout quality. In this instance, purple appears bright and vibrant, capable of transforming the look of any room. Purple tiles are therefore perfect if you wish to create a decorative border application or splash back wall design. This can apply to not only home designs but also shop and restaurant interiors.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean Purple Tiles

For an interior space which not only possesses immense style and character but also a surface which is easy to clean quartz Cosmos tiles are an excellent choice. Quartz tiles have an extremely compacted structure, providing a low moisture absorption rate. With regular cleaning and maintenance the emphatic appearance of purple tiles can be retained. The sleek surface allows for easy cleaning. Purple flecks cover the surface of Cosmos quartz, providing a reflective style. Even in expansive areas, including shopping centre floors these quartz tiles can be cleaned with ease. Tiles with a dark colour will help to conceal dirt and dust, even during peak times. The versatile nature of high quality engineered tiles mean they can be utilised within a range of different areas. When installed in standard home kitchens or bathrooms, these tiles provide excellent protection to underlying wall and floor substrates. To see for yourself the unique quality of these purple tiles, you can order a sample.