Marble Tiles

Natural Stone Marble Tiles

Choose from a premium range of natural stone marble tiles from Tiles Outlet. Timeless and hard-wearing, marble tiles will last a lifetime. Shades range from white through to dark emperador marble tiles, and for a real talking point, we also supply fossil marble tiles. Available in large format, ideal for marble flooring, standard sizes, perfect for walls and marble mosaic tiles or border around your marble tiled floor. You can use marble to create a classic style in kitchens and bathrooms.

Why Marble Tiles Remain an Excellent Choice

It is often said that marble tiles have a timeless quality. They can feature in a wide range of designs with a combination of features and still not look out of place. This has a lot to do with the classic veined pattern of marble. These veins form during the formation of this natural stone. It is this pattern which can make a real statement throughout hotel entrance areas and restaurants. Many of the tiles within our marble range have distinctive veins. Marble is therefore recognisable wherever it features and remains an excellent choice for wall and floor designs

Marble Flooring Tiles

Floors require a hard wearing material, which is why marble tiles are a very good choice. In addition to the many practical advantages of this natural stone, its veined style will help to make even the smallest of areas appear larger. A technique used by tiling contractors and recommended by designers is that of butting tiles up close together in order to create a seamless finish. This requires extremely thin grout lines and usually a matching coloured grout. This effective design works particularly well in open plan designs by displaying a large amount of consistency. Marble flooring is acquired in large quantities for use in expansive areas like airport terminals.