Limestone Tiles

Natural Limestone

From our range of limestone tiles you can choose from both wall and floor varieties. These premium natural stone tiles are renowned for an elegant appearance. Limestone tiles are perfect for any application, be it domestic or commercial. Having a light tone, they are ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom or reception area. Our range includes the ever popular Antalya white limestone tiles, Grey honed and the Jura cream limestone tiles.

Limestone Tiles in Commercial Properties

Both hard wearing and visually appealing our limestone tiles will give years of use.Limestone tiles are often acquired in large quantities for commercial projects. For example, limestone provides shopping centre floors with a hard wearing and durable surface. This stone is applied throughout expansive areas for a solid base. Throughout shopping centres and even the individual shops they encompass, limestone tiles are highly recommended. The subtle variation of colours provides a fresh, neutral appearance. Limestone tiles are available from Tiles Outlet in both matt and polished finishes. A matt finish is preferred on floors to provide a high level of slip resistance.

Choosing Limestone Wall and Floor Tiles

At Tiles Outlet we help you every step of the way when it comes to choosing your limestone tiles. First of all browse through our wide selection of limestone tiles and attempt to establish if any will fit as part of your bathroom or kitchen design. For a closer look you can order samples of any of our limestone tiles. Such is the versatile nature of limestone tiles they are suitable for many areas throughout your home, not just kitchens and bathrooms. You can choose limestone tiles for porches, hallways, conservatories and even living and dining areas. The light shades work well as part of open plan designs as they provide a level of consistency to interior decors.