Green Tiles

Cheap Green Tiles

Our green tiles include sparkly quartz and natural stone granite varieties. Green can provide walls and floors with immense character. You can order samples of our green tiles for a closer look, to see how they fit within your design theme. Green tiles are not only acquired for kitchens and bathrooms but also for a range of large commercial projects, including shop renovations. In addition to standard wall and floor tiles green mosaics are also available. Mosaic tiles can provide a stylish splash back or trendy border application. For more information on any of our green tiles, contact one of our expert advisors.

Sparkly Green Quartz Tiles

Sparkly green quartz tiles add a touch of natural splendour to both kitchen and bathrooms. With tiny specks of sparkly green crystal, these are also available in mosaic size, perfect for adding accents such as a frieze or border around a tiled floor. Green tiles are ideal where you have an additional green theme in the wallpaper or fixtures and fittings. Green quartz is highly polished, with this finish emphasising the sparkly mirror pieces. Engineered quartz has an extremely low moisture absorption rate, making them ideal for modern wet room designs.

High Quality Green Tiles for Stylish Interiors

At Tiles Outlet we supply high quality green tiles for the creation of stylish interiors. Our green tiles are of the highest quality in terms of appearance and durability. Green tiles are used as part of both contemporary and traditional decors. This versatile colour means they are used within a vast array of interiors. Green can have a distinctive impact on interior designs, adding immense character and style. Green tiles can be combined to good effect with both light and bold colours. The use of wall and ceiling lights in accentuating green colours can also be a significant factor.