Granite Tiles

High Quality Granite Tiles

Choose from a premium range of natural stone granite tiles. Granite has a distinctive appearance and is among the most durable wall and floor coverings available. Granite tiles are an excellent choice for any application, be it domestic or commercial, kitchen and bathroom or reception area. Our range includes the ever popular galaxy granite floor tiles, wall tiles and granite mosaic tiles. Available shades include black galaxy, black pearl, ivory and grey as well as brighter and bolder red, brown and green granite tiles. Both hard wearing and visually appealing our granite tiles will provide a durable wall or floor surface.

Polished Granite Tiles

Granite tiles from Tiles Outlet have been highly polished. This process creates a glossy surface and a protective layer. A high polish also helps to emphasise the unique colour and style of granite tiles. Granite is an igneous rock which is cut and processed once it is extracted from the ground. As part of processing, granite tiles are polished. In bold colours like black a high polish can create a mirror like appearance. The sleek and smooth surface will also prove easy to clean. Granite gets its unique appearance from a grained structure.

Granite Tiles Have a Distinctive Look

Granite tiles have an extremely distinctive look. This unique appearance is a result of the formation process of granite. This natural stone forms when magma from the earths crust crystallises and cools. This magma solidifies in a compacted grained structure and forms granite. This not only creates a standout appearance but also a strong and durable material. Certain varieties of granite like galaxy have a sparkly appearance. Granite tiles have such an impressive style that they are regularly imitated in manmade products. Decorative granite mosaic tiles are also a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. These are generally used as a border or splash back.