Sparkly Floor Tiles

Sparkle Quartz Floor Tiles

Select from this vast range of sparkly floor tiles from Tilesoutlet and transform your interior layout for less. In addition to popular colours like black, white, grey and cream there are also blue and green varieties available, and also an array of other colours. Quartz tiles contain mirror pieces which sparkly and glisten, thus providing floors with a standout appearance. Sparkly Floor Tiles are extremely durable and suitable for the high traffic areas throughout hotels and shopping centres.

Sparkly Bathroom Floor Tiles

Sparkly floor tiles from the Quartz collection at Tilesoutlet are a great option for Bathrooms. The glittery mirror pieces upon the surface of quartz floor tiles create a distinctive look. Tiles from this section are acquired for standard bathrooms in addition to wet rooms and en suites. We also supply sparkly floor tiles for commercial bathroom renovations. Depending upon your bathroom layout, we have quartz floor tiles available in a range of size formats.

Sparkly Kitchen Floor Tiles

If you are on the lookout for a contemporary option then sparkly kitchen floor tiles are an excellent choice. Throughout this selection you will discover premium sparkly quartz floor tiles which not only work superbly from an aesthetic perspective but are also highly practical. Glittery quartz floor tiles produce a unique character. Within kitchens, sparkly floor tiles from this section match superbly with a range of wall features.