Slate Floor Tiles

Natural Slate Floor Tiles

This natural stone is a renowned roofing material and its practical qualities make slate floor tiles an equally impressive choice. You can choose between slate floor tiles in not only an array of colours but also many different sizes and formats. Shades include black, grey, green and red. The riven surface is a distinctive feature of slate floor tiles. This textured finish provides a high level of slip resistance throughout areas of flooring. Slate floor tiles are chosen for both home and commercial projects. Versatile slate floor tiles can be used for interior and exterior areas.

Transform Any Area with Slate Flooring

Durable slate flooring is highly suitable for many different areas. It not only transforms the look of interior bathroom and kitchen interiors but also exterior patios and pathways. The versatile nature of slate floor tiles also makes them a viable material for steps and staircases. When combined with rock or stone garden features, slate floor tiles can certainly provide an impressive covering. Premium slate floor tiles can be incorporated within a traditional or contemporary decor to stunning effect. Complementing soft, neutral slate colours with a bright and vibrant wall design is an excellent way of creating a stylish contrast.

Great Choice of Premium Slate Floor Tiles

Our great choice of slate floor tiles offers many varieties of this much sought after natural stone. Tilesoutlet sources slate floor tiles direct from countries throughout the world, giving you a vast array of different options when it comes to choosing slate flooring. Such is the versatility of slate floor tiles they can be cut and used as skirting boards. A decorative skirting board can make a huge difference to a kitchen or hallway from both a style and practical viewpoint. If you'd like to see any of the slate floor tiles within our collection before you place an order, it is quick and easy to acquire a sample.