Quartz Floor Tiles

Sparkly Quartz Floor Tiles

For a floor covering which completely transforms the appearance of a particular room we highly recommend quartz floor tiles. The sparkly addition of quartz floor tiles will certainly provide a distinctive style. You have a wide array of quartz floor tiles to select from within our premium collection. From standard format quartz floor tiles to mosaic varieties find the perfect style for your chosen design. The extensive selection of colours available provides you with plenty of scope when it comes to creating your perfect design. Durable quartz flooring is suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Premium Quartz Flooring

Premium quartz flooring provides a long lasting covering in any area. You can even test the quality of any of the quartz floor tiles within this section yourself by ordering a sample. With such a vast array of different colours available you have many options when it comes to creating your perfect quartz floor tile design. Combining distinctive varieties of quartz flooring like black and white can be an effective way of producing a standout appearance. Red quartz flooring or even green tiles can provide a vibrant look throughout interior areas. Adding a sparkly look with premium quartz flooring has never been so affordable. Tilesoutlet will help you every step of the way to ensure you acquire the most suitable quartz floor tiles for your chosen design.

What Makes Quartz Floor Tiles Suitable for High Traffic Areas?

The engineering process of quartz floor tiles is what makes it a viable option for high traffic areas, including frequented parts of the home as well as busy public spaces. This highly compacted, engineered material has an incredibly low moisture absorption rate. It is also incredibly tough and durable, which ensures it is capable of withstanding the rigours of a high traffic environment. The low porosity combined with a highly polished finish also allows for low maintenance and easy cleaning. Quartz floor tiles are also resilient against stains and scratches.