Porcelain Floor Tiles

Cheap Porcelain Floor Tiles

Among our wide selection of porcelain floor tiles you will discover a vast array of colours, styles and finishes. Porcelain is renowned for its hard wearing quality which makes it an excellent flooring option. The durability, low maintenance and affordability of porcelain floor tiles ensure they are acquired for a wide range of projects. Not only are there many different varieties but also a number of formats and sizes. The friendly advisors at Tilesoutlet will help you to choose the perfect porcelain floor tiles for your specific design and there are also sample tiles available to make your decision that little bit easier.

Porcelain Floor Tiles for High Traffic Areas

Within our porcelain floor tile collection you will find an extensive range of options. With these premium engineered porcelain floor tiles you are guaranteed a long lasting covering in any area. You will therefore discover a range of floor materials which are not only suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories but also large commercial projects. Porcelain floor tiles are much sought after for the high traffic areas of hotels, airports and shopping centres. The manufacturing process which creates an almost entirely impermeable surface makes porcelain floor tiles an extremely practical flooring option.

Porcelain Floor Tile Patterns

In addition to the many varieties of porcelain floor tiles available you will also be pleased to discover they can be incorporated within a vast array of floor tile patterns. A running bond style is a popular technique with rectangular tiles. A running bond is also known as a brick effect, and this is a popular tiling pattern with natural stone effect porcelain floor tiles. In terms of square porcelain floor tiles, a standard grid pattern tends to be preferred for a contemporary look. A diagonal square pattern is also popular and can often make narrow flooring spaces appear larger. For more ideas on how you can put any of our porcelain floor tiles to good use please get in touch with Tilesoutlet.