Marble Floor Tiles

Natural Marble Flooring

There's something about the veined pattern of marble floor tiles which looks truly spectacular throughout flooring areas. It has a timeless character and whether it's displayed in an expansive space or a confined area, marble floor tiles have the same decorative effect. We have styles and colours to suit a wide range of preferences and among this extensive collection you'll also discover plain marble floor tiles including pure white stone. Aside from its obvious style benefits, marble floor tiles are also highly practical and can be applied throughout high traffic areas of flooring.

Decorative Marble Floor Tiles

From a decorative viewpoint there are not many tiles available which can compete with natural stone marble. For a consistent decor you can match marble floor tiles with the same wall variety, which is particularly well suited to bathrooms and hallways. Alternatively, marble floor tiles which display neutral shades like cream and ivory are excellent for a kitchen layout, within which they can be complemented by a variety of worktop and unit applications. It's the incredibly decorative nature of marble floor tiles which makes them a good choice for steps and staircases. We also supply marble mosaic floor tiles which can be used to stunning effect on a bathroom floor, including wet room shower areas.

Marble Floor Tiles from Throughout the World

At Tilesoutlet we give you as much choice as possible which means we've sourced marble floor tiles from countries throughout the world. Marble varies in appearance according to the area from which it is sourced. Each variety of marble has its own distinctive appearance. We are continually adding to our vast collection of marble floor tiles, giving you even more options from which to select. Just because we go to great lengths to acquire premium marble floor tiles this doesn't reflect in our prices. We source direct from the quarry which enables you to take advantage of these huge savings.