Blue Tiles

Premium Blue Tiles

Our range of blue tiles includes blue mosaic tiles, perfect for adding a touch of class to any kitchen or bathroom design. A narrow frieze of blue mosaic tiles or a border around your floor tiles will add elegance and class. Our black galaxy tiles with blue sparkles are amongst our most popular ranges. Ideal for either a kitchen or bathroom our blue tiles are perfect for both walls and floors.

Blue Bathroom Tiles

The colour blue has an affinity with bathroom designs. In fact blue tiles tend to be used in many areas connected with water such as public swimming pools and Jacuzzis etc. We have a variety of blue bathroom tiles available. Blue quartz tiles have a low moisture absorption rate and are therefore ideal in shower areas. The smooth surface also makes these tiles easy to clean. Blue mosaics are used on wet room floors to create not only a stylish appearance but also a high level of slip resistance. Blue tiles work effectively when combined with bold colours like black or white. The differing shades of blue from a royal colour to indigo and turquoise gives you plenty of scope when creating your bathroom design.

Blue Tiles in Contemporary Designs

Blue is viewed by interior designers as an emphatic, standout colour. Blue tiles can work effectively when combined with equally bold colours like black, white or silver. Blue tiles are used within streamlined modern kitchen designs to good effect. A polished finish will accentuate a primary blue colour, making it look bright and vibrant. Contemporary designs tend to place much emphasis upon an uncomplicated simplicity. Straightforward decors can be achieved with the use of blue wall and floor tiles. These tiles are also used within contemporary designs in commercial properties like retail shops and hairdressing salons.