Black Tiles

Stylish and Timeless Black Tiles

Stylish and timeless, black porcelain or granite floor tiles are ideal for making small spaces appear larger whilst black quartz tiles are perfect for a frieze of kitchen splashback. This selection includes a huge range of black tiles, from granite and quartz to black porcelain and black slate tiles. Always popular are the galaxy granite tiles which are perfect on the wall or floor, sparkling and scattering light and providing a touch of elegance for years to come.

Versatile Black tiles

The versatility of black tiles means they can be used in a range of different ways. If you decide to choose black floor tiles from Tiles Outlet there are plenty of style options available to you. For a seamless finish a black grout can be used to match the tiles or alternatively a lighter coloured filler to create a stunning contrast. Black is timeless and works effectively within a vast range of designs. From a practical perspective black tiles are an excellent choice in retail shops, hairdressing salons and restaurants. The dark colour will conceal dirt during busy opening hours when a full scale clean is not always viable.

Matt and Polished Black Tiles

The finish applied to black tiles can have a large impact on the overall appearance of a wall or floor. Take for instance matt black tiles. These tiles have a muted, understated quality. Instead of displaying an emphatic black colour, matt tiles may appear in more of a charcoal shade. Black matt tiles are often chosen for high traffic areas of flooring as they provide a high level of slip resistance. Polished black tiles, in contrast, are glossy and reflective. In the case of highly polished black porcelain, these tiles have a mirror like quality. Polished black tiles work particularly well as part of modern designs.