Glass Bathroom Tiles

Glass Bathroom Wall Tiles

If you are looking to add a decorative feature, border or backsplash to your bathroom design then Glass Wall Tiles are an excellent choice for modern layouts. There is a vast array of Glass Bathroom Wall Tiles to choose from within this collection. Glass Tiles are attached to mesh sheets which make them a popular and flexible option for rounded bathtubs.

Glass Bathroom Wall Mosaics

Mosaics have always been a sought after choice for bathrooms and glass varieties are certainly no different. The translucent quality of glass mosaics contrasts superbly with standard bathroom tiles and the smooth glossy finish is particularly well suited to this environment as water can simply be wiped from the surface of the tile.

Glass Tile Ideas

Our customers have used Glass Mosaics for their bathroom interior in a variety of different ways. Glass Mosaics look superb as part of shower wall designs and can be displayed either horizontally or vertically to create a trendy pattern within this area. You have an extensive selection of colours and styles to choose from throughout our Glass Bathroom section.